How can I help?

As you probably know, I am passionate about health equity and improving access to care that is integrated, collaborative, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and focused on harm reduction.  As a naturopathic doctor with clinical experience working with underserved communities and years of teaching inclusion and diversity training to student clinicians, I decided that this aspect of my work needed its own dedicated platform.

I am happy to announce the founding of Heal All Consulting, a platform to help health & wellness practitioners build safe, welcoming practices for LGBTQ2SIA+ clients.  We offer self-paced and virtual training courses, personalized guidance, clinician consults, and specific tools for LGBTQ2SIA+ friendly care to clinicians in practice or students at the beginning of their journey.  Heal All Consulting also provides curriculum guidance on creating  more LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusive programs or help to train clinic staff to improve cultural competence and meet regulatory guidelines.

To learn more information about Heal All Consulting and our services, visit us at or on Instagram or Facebook @healallconsulting.

Stylized Prunella vulgaris drawing with a sun with rays rising above the flower and leaves forming the logo for Heal All Consulting